How to contribute?

You wanna contribute a story? Cool! Here’s what you need to know:

Send the story to  Creepy Cleveland

Because of the potential for spiders and other address harvesters, I am not printing the email address of the contributor anymore. (i.e ‘If you include it – I’ll mask out the domain, kinda like: I’ll include it if you insist, but I’m just trying to protect you from a spam-valanche. I encourage anybody that wants to comment to use the comment feature on the blog.
I try really hard not to correct stories for grammar or misspellings unless the errors take away from the coherency of the story. Please use your spell checker! Some of these stories have been posted up here for years!

Sending pictures? That’s fine. Unless the subject of the picture is blatantly obvious, please give me a hint as to what is in the picture.

When you send a story – I just copy and paste it into a new blog post. And since this is a blog – every post will say “Posted by Creepy Cleveland”. I want you to have credit for your story, so please include your name. If you want to remain anonymous – let me know and I’ll post the story as such.

That’s it! Now get those stories in here!!

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  1. I have a favor to ask. Do you remember the Kelm House Article? Well i am the Scott of that story and I am writing a bio of my life. I was hoping and wondering if I could put that this was wrote in my book? It wont be published till next year but it will give a lot more to the story told and what came after. Please write back if it is ok to put your site in