Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fox 8 Ghost Video. Indisputable proof?

Have you seen the video?

Fox 8 has disabled embedding, so you'll have to go there to watch it.


What do you think?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Franklin Castle TV Show Trailer

P.S. This is not me. (I am *not* CharlesAtTheCastle) This is the current owner/caretaker...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What *is* that?

A friend of mine allowed me to post these two photos of her son's kindergarten graduation party this past spring. She wants to know what you think that white, tornado-looking thing is near the door.

She attests that there was nothing like that in the room at the time and she has seen similar phenomena is other photos. I'm trying to convince her to send me the other photos, too...

Her explanation:
It was in like 5 other pics [...] at different angles...He's had them in tons of pics since he was a baby. His aunt and I think it's his paternal grandma who passed a month before I met his dad...

Well, what do you think?

*Obviously, I masked the identities of the other kids.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Yes, Cleveland - it's that time of year again! The weather's getting chilly, the Halloween displays are in full bloom at Marc's and Walmart and the Browns are making me cry. I wanted to take the time to put up a post encouraging everyone to follow Creepy Cleveland on Facebook and Twitter. I use the Facebook account to post links and tidbits and other things that might not be strictly Cleveland related - but interesting nonetheless. I'd also love to get some fan submissions. Got a cool Halloween costume planned? Do you decorate your yard? Which haunted houses are you going to? Let me know!

The Twitter account is less interactive, but it does send out a tweet for every post I make here or on the Facebook page. So if you just want a short reminder when it's time to check out new stuff - follow CreepyCleveland.

I'm also collecting old (and new) newspaper articles (as seen in the sidebar) that have to do with Cleveland haunts and legends. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes - I ALWAYS give credit to the original author and link back to the source, if available, but if I posted something of yours and you hate that - let me know - I'll pull it down. On the other hand - if you have any articles you'd like to share - forward them along with the authors name and contact info. Cool?

Happy Haunting Season, Cleveland. I hope to hear from you soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Prospect Place Pics

On May 16th 2010, The Shadowseekers had the opportunity to do an investigation at Prospect Place in Trinway Ohio. This place was awesome, the architecture and the history alone are reasons enough to visit this place, the fact that it is haunted is just a lil added adventure. During our time there we had several personal experiences. We also had some intelligent activity as well, me and one of my investigators Chris Sustersic was doing an evp session in one of the rooms and we were asking yes and no questions and asking 1 knock for no and 2 knocks for yes. We were getting very distinct knocks in response to our questions. We also got some lighting movement in the ballroom and about 20 secs later you heard a man sigh as if he were bored, we do have this on video which we are working on getting posted. We had alot of movement in the barn where a bounty hunter was hung. In the basement another one of my investigators Richard Mccourt had an experience where the table in the center of the room moved a good foot, another investigator Jeff Downing heard the table move but he was in another room in the basement. When they tried to move the table on their own it was very heavy. Richard is a huge skeptic if it doesn't hit him in the face he doesn't believe it but that night he became a believer. During the course of the night we had camera problems and audio problems and even car problems when we went to leave the next morning, my car battery was completely dead. All in all this was an awesome location, and i would recommend to all paranormal groups if you get the chance to investigate Prospect Place, Do It!! It's a lot of pics I know I wouldn't think you would use them all.

Thank You
Tammie Mccourt - Founder of The Shadowseekers

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Franklin Castle Interviews

Charles Milsaps, owner of the Franklin Castle, founder of the Ohio City Preservation and Restoration Society, and proprietor of The Franklin Castle Club is now available for radio interviews. Contact Charles directly at the email below to get the latest news about the Franklin Castle restoration, the Network TV show about the Castle, and how the paranormal community will soon have the opportunity to do the first ever investigations of the Franklin Castle.

Press release to paranormal radio shows
The Castle has been off limits to most people for over 30 years. Find out the real story and the future of one of America’s Most Haunted Homes, first hand, as Charles Milsaps answers all your questions about the infamous Franklin Castle.
Charles will be available for phone interviews as well as on site, live remote interviews over the next 2 weeks. His time is limited and the interviews will be scheduled first call, first schedule. Contact Charles today. He will return calls in the order the are received.
Charles Milsaps
The Franklin Castle Club
Ohio City Preservation and Restoration Society
4308 Franklin Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twin City Opera House - McConnelsville, Ohio

On Saturday Jan 23rd 2010 we did our investigation at The Twin City Opera House and let me tell you it was an awesome experience. We would like to thank COGS for hosting it for us, they are a great bunch of guys very friendly and well informed on the history of the Opera House. We had access to the entire place. Some of the ghost we encountered were a 10 yr old lil girl named Elizabeth and a gentleman named Robert who enjoyed red wine. After we got set up we started out on the catwalk with and ghost meter and our new piece of equipment the k2. We also set up some trigger objects a bottle of red wine and some candy for Elizabeth. All setting on some baby powder. So we began asking questions and almost immediately we got some activity the EMF started to go off and the k2 was going nuts. We asked questions like if you are here plz light up all the lights on the k2 and within a few seconds they lit up, and we do have this on video. So we left for a little bit to explore other areas and we returned about an hour later to find a lil finger print in the powder now during this time we were gone no one else was on the catwalk, we have this on a picture, unfortunately it didn't show up on video. Out in the auditorium we got some hits on the ghost meter which COGS said they never had before. In the basement we got a pic of the black mist which we are very happy about, We got a ton of EVPs and pictures that we will be posting soon, Later in the evening me and my lil sister were in the catwalk alone and we got some serious activity from red wine Robert which we do have on video. Come to find out Robert likes the ladies, lol. With two ladies up there he was very active we got some responses on the k2 when questions were asked and on the ghost meter, we even got touched a few times. I have a part on video where someone was tugging on my pants and you can see on the video my pants moving. This place was awesome and we had a great time meeting new friends and catching awesome activity, I would have to say The Shadowseekers will return to The Twin City Opera House again to do another investigation. My husband who is a skeptic actually got touched and was amazed and now he believes. In the basement we did have some technical difficulties but it was all good in the end. Once again a huge Thanks goes out to COGS for hosting the hunt.
Thank You
Tammie Mccourt Founder Of The Shadowseekers

Hi, these are the pics of the black mass that lurks in the basement of The Twin City Opera House, if you look close it looks like it is moving out of view of the camera.They are in correct order that they were taken.