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Alger cemetery - Westpark, Ohio

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Iamlegend18@xxxxxx.com

This is really less a story and more a fascination with one graveyard in particular: Alger cemetery in Westpark, Ohio. I know there's always juiced up stories about every cemetery, but this one is a little different. Throughout the years I've been told numerous stories from many people about their encounters with strange occurrences in this graveyard, ranging from statues changing their position (a statue of Adam was said to be pointing up, then another time said to be pointing east or west...doesn't matter, I guess), an infant's cry heard protruding from the crypt, shadows appearing on the wall, to a hooved, hooded figure on a floating horse (the last, told to me by someone who must have tripped 57% of his wit away, i tell merely to illustrate a point). As bizarre (and mostly just bullshit) these stories may be, I have run across several people who have had encounters in there and did not want to talk about it (such as the landscapers there, all big guys who were very evasive on the topic). I've also heard about an alleged cult that once went in there to practice, well, satanic worship, and that not too long ago some bones were dug up, some mumbo jumbo necronimicon rites were enforced and blah blah blah...GATES WERE OPENED. Indeed. Nonetheless, I have visited this place myself in the wee hours of the morning (it's gated off now, thanks to the rat bastards who have desecrated this holy place by spray painting such ingenious things as "deez nuts" and "Ricky wuz here" on the crypt) and, after having been in several cemeteries, felt quite unnerved by what should otherwise be a small and peaceful cemetery. My question is this (take long enough to get to the point?): Do you or anyone else know of this cemetery's history, or of any reported ghost sightings (or anything for that matter?). That place (and I don't let the gossip get to me) scares the shit out of me. Thanks for your time.

Ghost Story in Lakewood

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Amanda

When I was about 5, my family moved into a house on Lauderdale in Lakewood. At the top of the stairs on the second floor is a large bedroom that was first mine, the my brother's. As a small child, when I slept there, I would hear voices calling my name, usually very clearly in the room with me, and whispering. It sounded like my mother's friend, Heather. This scared me when I was young, but after I got to be about 6, the voices were more distant. Instead of being afraid, I just thought my mother was calling me, constantly. My brother eventually moved into that room, and while I still thought my mom was calling me in my new room, the attic, my brother was now afraid to sleep, because he thought he heard Heather whispering to him. We had a dog who would absolutely not go into that room.
We eventually moved out, and the family that moved in has a little girl who goes to school with my cousin. They sold the house this summer, and the girl told my cousin it was because they heard voices in the room at the top of the stairs. Along those lines, I also believe my fiance's house is haunted. Until recently he slept in a small corner bedroom, where he had trouble sleeping, and sometimes had to sleep with the lights on. He believes this entity to be female, because although he never saw her, she would touch him in what he could only describe as a (ahem) seductive manner. He discovered this only when he forced himself to lie still, after jumping up the first few times he was touched. I thought this was a bunch of hooey until a few weeks ago. We were sitting in his living room at about midnight when we suddenly heard heavy footsteps pacing the second floor. There was no one up there. It stopped, and I started to calm down when it started again, directly above us, then moved down the hall towards the corner bedroom. It was not regular winter-in-Cleveland boards creaking we heard. It was footsteps.

Finally, my question is this. Does anyone, including the webmaster, know how to locate websites where I can research the history of a particular house? I know they exist, but I'm having trouble finding any. If anyone has info to that effect, please [let me know]. I'll be back to post whatever I find. Thanks!


Ghosts of Cresthaven Beach

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Douglas Manry

Dear Folks of Creepy Cleveland,
Being a life long Clevelander, I remember a lot of the stories on your site, especially the melonheads and old Doc Crow. Many a night my friends and I would go searching the woods for melon heads back in the late 60s, but never managed to see one.
Anyway, I came across the following story in a small paperback I found while waiting in a doctors office. Ive never been able to find out anything more about it, and I was wondering if you had ever heard of it.
It was back in the late 1800s, I believe, when a boatful of German immigrants was sailing on Lake Erie. The boat was a few miles from the coast of Cresthaven Beach in Willowick, (my original hometown) when it ran aground. After several unsuccessful attempts to free her, she then caught on fire. Horrified onlookers watched helplessly as passengers perished from the flames, or dived overboard and were swallowed up by the lakes currents. Over the next few weeks, bodies continued to wash up on Cresthaven beach and were eventually buried in a mass grave there. Rumors then began to circulate that many of the immigrants were wearing money belts, whereupon groups of ghoulish treasure seekers dug up the grave in search of riches. Legend has that ghosts reside in the area where this tragedy took place,wandering up and down the little park at Cresthaven Beach.
In case you havent heard this one, just thought I'd share it with you.
Please don't hesitate to write if there's anything else I can do for you.
Thank you for the great stories,
Doug Manry

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Ghost Boy in Ohio City

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Suzanne

A friend of my sister wanted me to take pictures in her house. Strange things happening and her son was always talking to "somebody". She thought it was a little boy named Jacob, a friend of her older son who had died in a fire down the road from them. My son and two daughters and I went on the night they were moving. We stayed quite a while snapping pictures, mostly of orbs. Then I went upstairs alone (in the dark) and sat in a bedroom and talked to "Jacob". I felt so sorry for him, he was terribly abused by his parents. My son came up, I handed him my camera, and went back down. He also talked to "Jacob". He came running down the stairs later, yelling that they were following him. I told him to turn around and take pictures.

Lots of orbs, but the picture I am sending you, is the one he took in the bedroom that I had been in. Forget my son's hand on the left side of the picture. Look in the red doorway of the bedroom. There is a little boy, wearing a white shirt, with his hands in his denim pants pockets. Sometimes it's easier to see if you stand back from the computer.
My sister's friend came to my house to look at it, and started crying. She said it was Rodney, her daughter's step brother. They were very close, and it was his bedroom. He accidently hung himself while they were playing. He stood on a toy truck and laughing, said, "Look, I'm hanging myself." The truck slid out from under him.

The Truth behind Crybaby's Bridge - Rogue's Hollow

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Nookiecub69@xxxxxx.com

here is the"TRUE" story behind the whole crybaby bridge "myth" other than it being"fake" i myself believe it anyway here is the story

it was the winter of 1891 a woman by the name of Mellissa Anne LeBose had a child. a baby girl whose name was Amanda Lynn, born a bastard child to a married man.The man's name was Thomas Allan Moore.Everyone in the town of Barberton believed the Mellissa was a witch and we all know what problems that can cause.Anyway, Thomas tried to keep the fact of the child a secret, but his wife found out because the doctor that had delivered Amanda was the same doctor for their children and let it slip that Thomas had fathered the child. In a fit of rage the wife started a rumor that " the witch" had seduced her husband and was making all the towns children sick with an incurable disease ( possibly TB) . There was a lynch mob and a "bounty" set upon her head. The towns people found her walking one night, and decided to have a witchhunt. They chased her through the town and into the woods. She ran for miles and miles, child in hand. The baby was cold and starving and crying loudly. Thomas' wife had already gone to the bridge and was there when Mellissa came upon her . She told Mellissa to kill the child and she would call off the hunt. This horrified her to no end and she would be killed if she was caught. Amanda was screaming her little head off from being so hungry and cold. Mellissa took one last look at the child and tossed it over the side of the bridge. Thomas" wife was turning to leave when Mellissa placed a curse upon the her and the bridge" when the moon glows and the snow falls , my childs tears shall ring in your ears till your death, and her voice shall echo here for a thousand years to remind them of the pain you caused an innocent child" and with that she jumped in after, dying from hypothermia in the cold river water . The next day they pulled her body from under the bridge where it was caught up in the understructure but the baby's body was never found............Thomas' wife believed in the curse, thinking she heard a baby crying till the day she died in 1926, when she commited suicide . When they found her body in the bedroom she had cut her wrists and written "the baby is crying again! the baby is crying again! in her own blood on the floor .................................

now the names may have been changed to protect people but i have written it as it was told to me by my cousin hope you enjoy and i will be in touch again with more "STORIES" from Rouges Hollow......... just make sure that when you go to bed tonight if you have children thank whatever god or goddess you belive in that they are safe and that no harm like this will ever come their way

Children's Laughter

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Dave

One story I have that happened to a friend and myself was that we we're driving on one of the roads in Rogue's Hollow (forgot the name) and we had the windows down and the car was idling down the road. We turned off the headlights and just left on the parking lights thought that would set the mood. When all of a sudden I heard some children laughing very softly and as I turned to my friend he turned to me and asked if I had heard something and I said yes and I know what I heard what did you hear and he said it sounded like children laughing softly so I stopped the car and shut it off and we sat for about 5 to 10 minutes but nothing more happened. Mind you this is about 11:00 P.M. at night on a Sunday and in the middle of no where the closest house was probably 3/4 to a mile away. We also can across some railroad tracks about a half mile from when we heard the strange noises (children). My friend had told another friend that we went to crybaby bridge (the one in Rogue's Hollow) and before he said anything else his friend asked if we heard the kids crying by the railroad tracks. Seems that years ago 2 kids running away from home were killed by a train in that area. We have been back several times but seen and heard nothing. Anyone else have any strange things like the kids happen????

Ghost Train

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Steve

I have been to Rouge's Hollow. My god, It was 17 years ago. My aunt and a friend of hers took us all when we were about 16 years old. This is a place they used to go to get spooked when they were our age. I remember the ride down there, It all seemed harmless and really.......... we were not expecting to see anything at all. Us kids were more interested in the road trip more than anything. We went in two car loads so you can imagine the fun we were having on the CB. It was near Halloween so we were telling ghost stories that we got out of a "Haunted Ohio" book but when we told them we made it sound as if we were there first hand! My aunt was telling us about the Rouges Hallow and some of the stories that happened. She was telling us about the "Ghost Train" and how it derailed some time ago. She did not believe the story about the train, she was more interested in taking us to a place where a man lost his head near the rail road tracks some where inside of Rouges Hallow. I guess there is a plaque of some sort along side of the tracks in his memory and to what happened there. She told us that some nights he wanders and you can actually see a man walking around with out his head. Now we were starting to get spooked our selves. When we finally got to the town we must of driven every where TWICE!! We could not find out destination and the we got a flat tire. It must have been between 1:30-2:00 a.m. in the middle of no where with no lights and nobody wanting to get out of the car to change the tire. Well we finally decided that we would ALL get out of the car together and change the tire. It must have looked real funny to see 11 people out changing one flat tire. After the tire change we all decide to hit the road and go home. All of us were upset that we did not get to see a man running around with out a head. When we turned back to go home my aunt was telling us that we were real close to our destination but could not remember the exact names of the streets. She also said that local authorities had taken down some street signs to confuse outsiders on how to get there. We were approaching a rail road crossing when all of a sudden we heard a loud roar to our right, we looked and there it was the "Ghost Train" rolling down the tracks. We were all shouting with excitement and really........we could not believe it. It was an a old steam train (the loudest I've ever heard) it had no front light and was not pulling a single car. The whistle had blown 2 or 3 times and then passed us shaking both cars!! Then it was gone like it vanished right in front of us. It was so unbelievable and not a soul believed us when we had told our stories to others, but it had happened all right in front of us. We said that someday we would all go back with a detailed map so we could find exactly where the hobo had lost his head but we had never found the time. Now when we hear of Rouge's Hollow...........we'll always have the train!!!

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A Couple Questions

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

OK, creepy Clevelanders...I need your help. I'm looking for some information on a couple of different haunted subjects. If anybody has any information on these topics, please, please let me know...thanks!

1. A haunted house in Sagamore Hills, Ohio. If I remember it right, it's supposedly off of route 82 somewhere. We had gone out there a few times one summer years ago and every time we got there, there was some reason we couldn't complete the mission. We got too scared, somebody forgot a flashlight, the police just drove past us...any excuse really. Anyway, I got to wondering the other day and figured 'Why Wonder?' I've got a direct link to some of the best ghost hunters in Cleveland! So, if you've ever heard of such a place, drop me a line and at least let me know I'm not crazy...

2. Any information about a reputed Cleveland area psychic named Mr. C. I guess it would have to be about 40 years ago (late 1960's) that he told someone I know something kind of spooky, and I'm wondering exactly how much of what he said can be believed. I'm not one to put all my eggs in one basket (metaphysically speaking) and I'm not sure I totally believe in psychic powers - but much like ghosts and other things paranormal - I'd like to think I'm open-minded enough to never say never. I wouldn't be surprised if this Mr. C has long since passed away - but even a note saying 'yeah - I remember him!' would be enough to assure me that I'm not grasping at straws.

The International Exposition Center, Brookpark Ohio

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

...More Than Meets the Eye?...

Once known as the Cadillac Tank Plant, The International Exposition Center in Brookpark, Ohio now plays host to hundreds of organizations, trade shows, sales and entertainment year-round! But is there a shadow lurking beneath the surface?

Last year (1999), while working the Ghoulardifest at Berea Fairgrounds, part of our duty was to tear down the some of the stage and sound equipment. Being the last ones out of the building that night, we struck up a conversation with an off-duty police officer that was acting as security guard for the show during the weekend. He related a story to us that I had never heard before...

It seems he was working security for an event at the IX Center late one evening. Unbeknownst to us, the IX Center still has many underground tunnels and hallways (hailing back to the days when it served as a tank plant during the war - the tunnels connected the IX Center to Cleveland Hopkins Airport and nearby NASA Lewis Research Center) How many of these tunnels and halls still exist is anyone's guess. Rumor has it that they were demolished and severed years ago.

Anyway, getting back to the story, another employee told this officer that he was down in one of these tunnels (a long one - maybe half a mile long) We never found out what he was there for, but apparently because of the length of these tunnels the employees were provided golf carts to get back and forth with. The light switches that powered the long fluorescent lighting were located at either end of the tunnels. After switching the lights on for this particular tunnel, this fellow proceeded down the tunnel on his golf cart. About half way down the tunnel the lights went out on him! The guy could just barely see the other end of the tunnel where it intersected with another tunnel (and where the other light switch was located) and saw a figure standing there. No one was supposed to be in the tunnel this particular evening and pranks like this from fellow co-workers were not tolerated because of the safety hazard it presented. After deliberating for a bit over whether to proceed to the other end of the tunnel and confront this individual (who just may have been an intruder) or go back and turn the lights back on, he decided to go back. After turning the lights on again and again trekking down the tunnel he arrived at the intersection were he saw the figure. He was alone. He did whatever it was he went there to do and upon returning to the showroom floor (1st floor) he questioned the other employees and affirmed that no, no one was supposed to be down there with him. No one was authorized to be down there except him and no one else had returned before he did.

He never did get a good look at the person who he still believes turned the lights out on him, and he never accepted an assignment to go below the 1st floor again alone.

I realize that this is one of those "I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend..." stories, but I have to admit that with the aura of mystery surrounding the IX Center's past that there might just be some truth to it.

Webmaster Note: I don't have enough on the IX Center to give it it's own page yet - but I did get this little tidbit from Miss S recently...

About the IX Center... My dad has been working there a few weeks out of each year for the Sport Show and Home and Flower Show since 1987. He has been down in the tunnels twice. He said there is no lighting except maybe some emergency lights. He *did* say it is gross down there with RATS. He called them "catacombs" rather than tunnels. He thinks the reason they are there is that when it was a tank testing place, there were concrete ponds and lakes where the parking lot is now. The ponds and lakes were to test what the tanks could do underwater. The tunnels or catacombs were so the workers could see what the tanks were doing underwater. They led out to a "window" by the ponds and lakes. They are filled in now and are either where the parking lot is or part of the airport. He said over all the time he has been there he has heard no ghost stories. He wished that he had and will check around next time he is there.

Webmaster Note: Yet another contribution on the IX Center rumors... Thanks to Dingus Maximus

Concerning the tunnels at the IX Center, they only criss cross the building. Two going the length of north/south and three going the width of east/west. There are no tunnels to the airport or NASA as the current construction at the airport would revel since the construction and excavation sites would have cut through the tunnels. In addition I have seen the original blueprints and there is no indication of tunnels.
I used to work in the office for two years and still know people that have been there since the IX Center opened. One of them being an architect who says the rumors of tunnels are absurd.
As far as driving the tunnels with golf carts that is correct. I had my own and we used to race in the tunnels.
True the basement is spooky in areas but my office was in the basement and I never saw a rat. As far as ghosts. That I can not confirm nor deny. I had some odd experience and often thought I saw people hanging out in the tunnels. Usually they are the temp workers looking for a place to smoke a cigarette. I did work some late nights and being one of the only persons in the place at midnight is spooky.

The Kelm House - Vermillion, Ohio

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Steve

This sick house does not need to be arise here on this earth. For it may be a portal linking hell with the earth. Many have lost themselves and their souls in this house. It stands on Risden Rd. off of Cherry Rd. in Vermillion, OH. Covered with over grown weeds and trees that are probably cursed as well. The grand piano half in and out of the picture window, the pentagram painted neatly on the floor, the explicit word of screwing witches written in red on the walls. Have you seen the demon's that lurk inside of this house? Many have said they have. If you value your life, this is not the place to go. For it is one of Ohio's most scariest places according to ghost hunters and those who study the paranormal. This house was talked about twice on the Art Bell show. Take this short story as a warning to never visit this house, you may not live to tell about it!! For those of you familiar with this house, leave your story on this page so others can be warned about the evil that resides here.

Webmaster note: I did a little digging around and found this writeup posted by Steve on another web page. I contacted him to make sure it was OK with him if I reposted it here... he said it was... check it out:

Originally found at http://theshadowlands.net/ghost/ghost191.htm

Strange but True

My name is Steve and I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. Everything that i tell you is absolutely true. It all started when I was 18 yrs. of age. If I did not see half of it myself I would mot believe it. My friends and I found the paranormal very fascinating. We had no ghosts living in our homes so we went out looking for them. We would ask ourselves " where do we find ghosts"?? We all heard rumors about places out side of town, but most of them were a hoax! A friend of mine was in Sandusky for the weekend near lake Erie with family. He had met somebody out there at the camp grounds and they began talking about ghosts and the person he met told him about this house in Vermillion that is most definitely haunted. It has been abandoned for years.
John was all excited to come back home to tell us all what he had learned! The day he came home is the same night we all made way to this house in Vermillion. It took us a little over an hour to reach our destination. The person John met had given him pefect directions! There were a total of 13 of us that evening and when we had finally found the place all of us were quiet. You could feel it! We all knew we should never have went there. The house stood back from the street a little way. It was hard to find at first with all of the trees and brush that grew over the house. Most windows were missing and the house had a slight lean. There was a grand piano sticking half way in and out of the house. The gravel driveway could not be seen anymore (grass was 3 feet tall).We parked the cars in the street a little ways down and made way to the house. We stood outside for about 20 min. when we all decided to go inside. I knew it was not a good idea and i followed anyway. We entered in through the back right above the cellar doors that lead into the basement. I think we were standing in what once was the kitchen. We walked down a small hallway into the living room. there was a fireplace a broken chair and writing all over the wall written in a foriegn language you could see the other half of the piano all of the strings were sticking out. There was a pentagram painted perfect on the floor with candles at each of the 5 points. I wanted to leave. It was all still very quiet when a loud thud came from underneath us from the basement. We all jumped at least a foot high. Another friend of ours Brian We called him loony, was sort of crazy wanted to investigate. There was only one way into the basement and that was outside (the pantry doors) and they were still shut!! We all got scared and left!! The next day it was all we could talk about!! I thought i would never go back. Two friend of ours who were there that night were in photography class in college had a project. Well they decided to shoot the house! Of course I went and there was only 5 of us this time!! The sun was setting and was almost dusk when we arrive, the house was as sick as ever!! They had all of their equipment set up in a matter of minutes and went to take the first picture when the flash did not work!! So Sean went to use his camera when his flash did not work either. They messed around with their cameras for about 20 minutes before they gave up. They thought there was something wrong with the battery packs so we packed up and left. We got about a quarter of a mile down the road when the flashes started to work. There still was enough day light so we turned around. They took their cameras out again and the flashed did not work again!! Now we were all freaking out so we left again!! We got to the same place in the road where the flashes worked when they started to work again so like fools we turned one last time. We got about 50 yards away from the house when the flashes started to go off by themselves!! We heard the same loud thud come from inside the house and we booked! While we were running my buddy was shooting pics. That night we went into his darkroom and developed 7 pics.
the rest did not come out. At first it seemed like they were just cools pictures if the house when John looked closer at one of the pics. and noticed a long face smiling down at us from one of the windows!! It definitely was not a mask because you could see through to the other side!! It had long pointy ears A wide smile glowing beady eyes and a stubby nose. This was all real!!! We showed everybody the picture and with in days rumors started to fly around about us be devil worshippers. Some people were curious and wanted to come with us!! One day we decided to go there again. This time there was more of us. Walking up the drive way was scary enough when we all seen shadows moving inside the house spooked us out even more!! Right away a buddy got sick a threw up. At one time the moon was white but now redish-orange. Everything about the house was wrong!! I don't know how but we found courage to enter again. We explored every room hearing the same noises everywhere we went. You could definitely see shadows moving from one corner to the other. I felt like I was watching a horror movie And I was the star!! I left the house first and many followed! When we all grouped up every one was really scares and it was a good time to leave!! I know what I seen was real and I still talk about it to this day!! The place still haunts some of us and we don't even visit no more!! My best friends brother still travels there in his dreams and out-of-body experiences. Like I was saying we explored every room in the house except for the attic. We could not get in, it was sealed shut!! But my friends brother would travel there out of his body. Along the way in his hazy dream he met a soul named mike. Mike led him to the attic of the house where he confronted a demon. The same demon in the picture! Scott (buddy's brother) Told us all he lost his soul to this demon and would never get it back!! It is weird that a couple of experiences can change one's life. Now Scott is into crystals and that sort of thing. He believes he can read others minds!! To this day he travels back to the house, for what I don't know. One day Scott was in his mom and dad's living room talking to this Mike when his mom heard him talking and no one was there! She got all worried and went to find help! There was a psychic around the corner from our homes and they went there. The lady was taking care of a client in the back when they walked in and as soon as they sat down the lady came immediately out and asked Scott to leave! Some how she knew there was an evil presence with him. They tried a psychiatrist but still no help. We still were curious about the house though. We had no explanation. Six of us went to the Vermillion Library And found out a lot of sick information about the house!! We learned that the Kelm's were the only owners of the home and was abandoned in the early 1920's. We found a small article that read something like the family adopted alot of children into there family and the MR. abused molested and killed most of the children in that house!!

Webmaster Note: This is getting popular! I got an email from Steve's friend Bryan (the Loony...see story above)...

I am here to prove Steve isn't giving any BS. I was there through this whole situation. I am the one mentioned in the article, I am Bryan the Looney. A lot has been said but what we experienced, we'd need a book. The Blair Witch hoax is nothing to this house. This house is evil plain and simple. I don't scare very much: this house had me trembling, not of its presence but a fear of something being there that you could not explain, it was strong, it was present, and it was watching us. This presence knew we were coming, no matter what we did we never made it there till darkness fell. We always knew we were close because are stomachs turned; just an ill feeling fell upon us. This house seemed to know we were coming to visit it. It played games with us. We knew how to get there but it wouldn't allow us till after sunset. We'd always find it then . It was waiting, wanting us. We gave it what it wanted, but we would always lose some way, some how. This house has a power to draw you to it. A power of a presence you can't explain. If you love supernatural you'll love this house. I have so many things I can say but I cant write a book. I have stories of my friends brakes going out, strange hand prints on his windows, no matter what something failed. Someone's stomach, urinary tract, or bowel movement gave out. This is a house I hope YOU WILL FEEL. YOU WILL KNOW! Any info you want, talk to us. I'm out. Bry the looney

BAD NEWS, folks... The Kelm House has been torn down!! Reported by MESTIZO2002@xxxxxx.com ...

I was there once when I was 12yrs old (1992) I was only able to stay inside for about five minutes,while I was Inside I started to go up the stairs,but the farther I got up them the evil the atmosphere seems to get. I got out of there quick and I coundn`t get away from that house fast enough. I`ve always wanted to return to see what it was that was in there, however the house was demolished about five or so yrs ago and a new house stands in it`s place. This place too has been rumored to be haunted as well.

Hemlock Road - Independence, Ohio

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Steve

Hemlock Rd. in the city of Independence is by far one of the most haunted places in Ohio. It all started back when settlers were coming to Ohio and taking over Indian territory. Legend has it that two settlers were hunting in the woods near what is now Hemlock Rd. when they noticed an Indian girl sitting near the Cuyahoga river in her canoe. The three settlers approached the girl and jumped into the boat and began beating and raping the helpless girl. The boat started down stream, when suddenly the vessel had capsized and all three had died. When the Chief of the tribe had caught word of what had happened to his daughter, he put a curse on that area of the river. Since then many unexplained and strange things have happened on the old road and river.
A portion of Hemlock Rd. was closed about 7 years ago. The only way to get back there now is to walk if one is brave enough. If you walk about half way down the road and go to the right before the bridge, if you are lucky enough you will come across the remains of the old indian burial ground where the Chief rests. Many have said if you listen close enough you can hear him cry out his daughters name.
Another haunting is the Hemlock bridge that once ran over the Cuyahoga river. It is no longer there today for a couple of mysterious reasons. A little over 80 years ago two kids were playing jokes on cars and other motorists driving by at dark. They would climb the tree with the thick branches that hung over the bridge. When cars would pass by they would drop a ghost they had made from sheets and fishing line. At that time the fishing line was a little stronger than the line we use today. They had spotted another car coming down the road, only this one was missing one head light. When the car approached the bridge the ghost was dropped directly on the motorist who was not driving a car with one head light but a motorcycle. The strong fishing line wrapped around his neck and the man instantly lost his head. Did this happen because of the Chief's curse? The ghost of the man can still be seen today. Town records stated the man died at 11:57 p.m. If you want to see the ghost of the headless man, stand near where the bridge would have been. Make sure to bring a piece of sheet and a small piece of fishing line and throw them off into the river at exactly 11:57p.m. You will then witness a headlight coming over towards you from the other side of the river. Don't be frightened to run. The light will vanish in the exact spot where he lost his head. Dozens of people have witnessed this, many trying to forget about it just don't want to talk about it. I myself had seen the ghost and I can honestly say that I will never be returning back to Hemlock Rd. for anything!!

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Nurse in the Woods

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

NOTE: This story also appeared in the book: "Cleveland Ghosts" by Charles Cassady.


All I can tell you what I've heard - rumor - and what I know happened because I was there.
I grew up on Cleveland's west side. My friends and I were avid fisherman and used to ride our bikes down to Metropolitan Park. This was a ride of a few miles and involved pedaling back up the Lorain Road valley hill. That's why I was delighted to hear of a small pond I'd never known about much closer to my house.

The pond was supposed to be located southeast of the intersection of Memphis Avenue and Bellaire Road. We left our bikes south of Memphis in a wooded area about a hundred yards south of a railroad bridge. Then we hiked through some woods, climbing in and out of two (I believe) deep gorges.

The area is much more built up today but there are still some woods and a deep ravine in this area. Interstate 71 goes through just north of here. There is a small shopping center across the busy street directly opposite the spot where we left our bikes and entered the woods.

Our guide was an acquaintance who'd fished the pond before. Sure enough there was a small pond back there. Completely surrounded by woods. However it was full of tiny bluegill - stunted by over-population - who would greedily eat your bait but were far too small to ever hook.

Near dusk we started back, got all turned around in the unfamiliar woods, and ended up coming up a steep valley near a small amusement park, further south of the spot where we'd originally entered the woods. It was now dusk and quite shadowy and dim under the trees. We'd gotten spread out and one of my buddies was ahead of me by about 50 feet.

Suddenly I noticed a young nurse walking toward me through the forest. I mean literally a "nurse." Her white uniform really stood out in the murky half-light in the woods. She passed my buddy who took no notice at all of her. Then she passed me - as noiselessly as if she were walking on a thick carpet. She looked at me and smiled. I distinctly recall her darkish hair and white teeth. Her smile was so friendly - and she was so pretty - I couldn't help but smile back like a grinning idiot even though I wanted to say "hi." Not a word passed between us.

I remember thinking how odd it was she would be going through such a steep, rugged area wearing a nice, white uniform. After a moment or two I turned around to see which way she was going. There was absolutely no sign of her. I stopped, looked around, listened, but it was like she'd just disappeared. Now at the time the last thought on my mind was anything spooky. I was far more intrigued by the young nurse's good looks than anything ghostly about her.

Back on the road I remarked to my buddies that maybe someone was hurt in the woods. They didn't know what I was talking about. I mentioned the nurse but none of them had seen her! Not even my buddy who she passed right by as I watched.

At this point we were passing an old house on Memphis, now the site of a factory or trucking company. There were some buckeye trees growing near the street and we stopped to pick some buckeyes as we talked. An older guy, he looked eighty to me then but might have been younger, was going up to the house with a grocery bag. He heard me being teased about the invisible nurse. He stopped and said, "So you've seen our nurse. We see her back there at sunset quite a lot. She was killed in those woods you know." This stunned us into silence.

Years later I heard a nurse had indeed been strangled in those woods. This was told to me by a newspaper reporter. This incident has stuck with me all these years and I still wonder about it sometimes.

Creature in the Woods

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Hey. I haven't written you in a long time. Doubt you remember me, lol. I'm a paranormal investigator.
I got a problem here, lol. I used to have the haunted ohio book, I believe it was the 1st one it was in, but you might know the story. I can't remember the name of the woods it happened it or area, but i wanted to look into it some more. I know it happened in ohio though:
A man (racoon hunter I believe) went out into these woods in his truck late one night to hunt, with his dogs. He let the dogs out and they ran off into the woods, then he heard them yelping and they came running back and got in the back of the truck, shaking and yelping. He got in, and headed out... big bang hit the passenger side of his truck and he picked up speed and left. When he got home, he discovered deep claw marks in the side of his truck. That sound familiar? I'm stumped, lol. Hope you can help. And keep up the great work on the site.
Shawn Staggs

RE: Gore Orphanage

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Does any one know the names of the four children who died ? the children of nicholas wilber? i can not find that info any where. also where are they all bured. one story said in a local cemetery? where might that be. please help!!!!

A Witches Grave in Kirtland?

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
I could have sworn there was a witches grave (who was burned at the stake) somewhere in Kirtland, but I can't seem to find any information about it. Do you have any information regarding this or any other witch graves in Ohio? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


East side of Cleveland questions

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
I found your site almost by accident, and I hope you can help with some Cleveland history questions.
1)Old Sunny Acres TB hospital site. Was the TB hospital where Metro Health Skill Nursing Facility currently is? (Metro East stands on the same property as Tri-C east. SW corner of Harvard and Richmond Rds) I'm finding conflicting answers on line. Also, there is a building on the same property, that is currently abandonded. I was told that at one point this building was the nurses dorms for the old TB hospital. (This building in on the left side of the driveway coming in from Richmond Rd) Is that accurate??
Same area of Harvard Rd.. North West corner of Harvard and Richmond, there was a group of buildings (I understand they were demolished to make room for the Chagrin Highlands project)in the same area as where the Armed Forces Recruiting station is (and also immediatly across Harvard for the driveway to Tri-C) I'm getting conflicting stories on what these buildings were. Some have told me it was a work house for the county. Some have told me it was the County Hospital (forerunner to Metrohealth) and served the poor and psych patients. Which is accurate, and what was it called?
2)I grew up in Euclid, and there was a building on Euclid Ave. between E. 260th and Babbitt Rd, on the south side of Euclid Ave. (The property is now a nursing home/retirement community) I remember people saying it was a "funny farm" (their words, not mine) Is this where the old Ridgecliff Psych Hospital stood?
I appreciate any input you are able to give me.

Thank you in advance

Anyone know anything really spooky about North Royalton?

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
I have lived in North Royalton my whole life. Its about 20-30 min from cleveland, but thats beside the point. I was just wondering if you have heard any creepy stories, myths, or legends about North Royalton. I have checked the sight many times, but i have never seen anything. I have heard stories about my woods, and have accounts of things in the woods on Royalwood Rd. but no one can truly confirm these events because its such a small area and not to many people who really care around here. So i was curious if you have heard of anything or know anything that could help me in my search of some creepy things in town. Its a boring city, but knowing something like that might help make it just that less boring. I love the websight, and its nice to see someone as enthused about the paranormal so close to home. Thank you,
Jason J.

Abandoned Mental Hospital in Broadview Hts.

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
I have been living on the west side for about 6 years now. I moved to Parma when I was in 8th grade and I just recently moved to North Royalton to my own place (Yay!). I was wondering why no one has ever written anything about the abandoned metal hospital in Broadview Hts. It is located on Broadview Rd., about 1 mile south out Rt 82, and unfortunately sits right next to the Broadview Hts. police station. I don't know for SURE if this place is haunted but I do know some of my great but stupid friends went in there and said it is all kinds of screwed up. I am a practicing pagan at the moment and I can usually tell just by looking at something if it has a ugly past. I drove around the outside of it a couple times and something definitely went wrong in there. Anyway, it wasn't closed down that long ago (may 20-30 years ago), but when it was closed down, it was out of the clear blue: no warning, no notice. One day it was there and open, the next it was abandoned. I'm just kind of curious I guess. People have been trying to get me to go in there with them but I won't. I don't want to bring anything home with me from that place. Also, it has signs all over the place saying "No Trespassing", and considering it is right next to the police station, I would gather that you could get arrested for going in there. Although, I have heard from someone who went in there, that if the cops do see you go in, they WILL NOT follow you. And if you are in there for too long, they say screw it and leave. But if you could post this, that would be great; maybe someone that lives around there could give some more insight on that place. Thanks and great site.

Unexplained Pictures

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by John

Here are two digital pictures I took during a tour of the prison this summer. I'm a skeptic, but I can't explain the images and the camera has never messed up.

John Leach

Reformatory Ghost?

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Dugan

I took this pic touring the reformatory on my own when it was pitch back in August [2002]. The figure of the head in the background doesn't show up in any other pics so it's a bit weird. I can't explain why the head figure is so high in the air unless this individual hung himself in his past life.


My First Visit to Squire's Castle

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by velvetniteskys

I havent been to Squires Castle often but I won't forget my very first visit! The inside wasn't as I expected.
I walked in and saw (briefly) I think what it was supposed to have been-it was furnished, had windows and decorations on the walls and I could hear "bustling" like quick activity that goes on as visitors are expected.
I saw a short bench covered in a deep blue with a candle table next to it with a vase and sunlit streaming thru the side window made a lovely warm welcome-Could feel the warmth in the place and lots of good feelings-sort of like expectations of excitement.
Thing of it was-it was a cold dark, dreary rainy Sept. morning and no one was out and about-not even walking the paths yet. I stood frozen until my friend spoke and it all cleared to what was actually there-nothing. And there was me whipping my head around wondering where it all went - looking rather silly I bet! But I told her stay where she was and went thru the rest of the place by myself-there were bits of impressions but nothing as vivid as that first entry.
I am no psychic - not skeptical of paranormal but no great believer either - too many frauds and too many too quick to believe ANYTHING just for the drama-but I have to believe what I see and experience myself. I believe that was to be a lovely place-or once was! I had heard it was brought from elsewhere-perhaps the things I experienced were from there-or I suddenly stepped into the dream of what it was hoped to be. I had never heard of the place until that day and it was only after talking about my experience to a neighbour that I was told parts of the story about the place.

Just a hoax

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Robert

Here it is. I too am a resident of the area. I have been going to Squires Castle my whole life. nothing is strange about the castle no cold feelings as you enter it. As the relative stated above the wife never lived there or died there. At homecoming for the local high school my freshman year we took pics there. NO ORBS. I am not a skeptic though I do believe in the paranormal, ghosts, the whole bit. I just never experienced anything there. Except a boxing match which we did video tape inside the castle and nothing was caught on tape. This legend is a hoax. But who knows about the Cults in the 60's and 70's and the suicides they might be luriking around somewhere.

It's not Fergus

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by lakecountypimp@xxxxxx.com

As a former employee of the Cleveland Metroparks, and the Ranger Department, I would have to say that anyone who believes that the stories of Fergus Squire and his beloved wife are untrue, is just being a little too naive. First off, Mr. Squire made building his castle a passion because he was drawn to that area, if you indeed wander up the hill behind the castle there are remnants of the observation tower from which Mr. Squire used to enjoy the spacious view over the valley area. However the story of his Wife's tragic death are very exaggerated, she was indeed the city girl and did not die in the basement.
However here's where the strange parts of this story start, there were indeed, strange people afoot in the 60s and 70s, Biker Gangs, Devil Worshipers, Animal Sacrifices, and there are quite a few suicides in that park every year, probably spawning the paranormal events that occur on occasion. I personally was present a few years back when the maintenance staff reopened the basement prior to refilling it with gravel and concrete, and one of the workers climbed to the top of the turret in order to cut out what turned out to be a small tree growing out of the concrete.
Another little known tidbit is the presence of cult types or "Druids" at the River Grove Reserved area (Just south of the Castle) at the summer and winter solstice. They have the area booked on those two days every year.
Now I've been through those woods at night, and even down some of those walking paths that go very far from the roadways, and I have experienced at times cold chills in the middle of summer an broad daylight, I've seen lights in the hills behind the castle that were too oblong to be man-made, bottom line, too many unexplained things occur in that park to assume that there is a strong presence there.

Not Haunted!

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Mdniteraven@xxxxxx.com

I just wanted to say anyone going to Squire's Castle looking for ghosts or orbs or whatever is probably wasting their time. Maybe the pics that I saw on the page were real, I don't know. But I do know that I have been going to the castle since I was a little kid(I'm 30 now), and I have never felt anything strange or unusual. I have hiked the woods behind the castle (on and off trail) and have never seen anything there either. I'm not a sceptic, I have been places that I wouldn't go to again because it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, but Squire's Castle isn't one of them. I do know some people that have been married there, and I have great memories of playing tag with whatever kids were there when I was a kid. We would jump out the windows and all around, unfortunately they put bars up on most of the windows now :(

Orbs at Squire's

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Jay at NEOSI

Ok, heres the whole deal with Squires Castle! I've been here for thirteen years and have heard every story out there about the former maids quarters. First, Mrs. Squire died an old lady of natural causes in her home in Willowick in the early 1900's, not in the basement of the castle. But I'm far from the one to tell you that there's no supernatural activity there, or in the Metroparks period. I have some pics that are clearly orbs. Keep in mind these few things while viewing these pics.

#1. Im a skeptic, I dont use 35 mm 400 speed film. I use a digital camera, no mistakes and no misprints, just high quality pictures.

#2. Supernatural "beings" or apparatus' feed on energy. I use really good batteries that last about two weeks, the ones that I had in died in two and a half hours of use, same batteries that usually last a week or two.

#3. I cleaned the lens before every shot, everytime.

#4. My cousin and I grew ill the moment we stepped up to the main entrance of the "castle" and felt like we had no buisiness being ther in the first place, so we left. We bumped into the park rangers on our mission and they confirmed my accusation that during the 60's and 70's devil worshiping and animal sacrifices were practiced there often.

Take it for what its worth, but look at the other pics in the squires castle category and make the connection, plus please keep in mind that this was a very clear night and there wasnt a snow flake or dust or rain anywhere in sight. This is the real thing..Im the one on the far right. Notice how clear the picture of us is?


Not so scary

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

I've visited Squire's Castle many times, I even had my 16th birthday party there. I have to say there is nothing scary about it or the surrounding woods at all. I've hiked through those woods and spent a lot of time at the castle and I've never experienced anything out of the ordinary. In fact, I've never even heard any ghost stories about it before I visited this site. Anyway, the rest of the site is cool! I live in PA now but when I go home to visit I'll probably see some of those other places.

Squire's Castle Orb

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Becky

This picture was taken at Squire's Castle on Friday, October 26th at about 9pm. I used my typical ghost-hunting camera, which is a Polaroid 35mm with Kodak 400 film. Out of about seven pictures taken at Squire's Castle, this is the only one that developed with a very dense, clear orb. Dr. Ken of the Ohio Ghost Hunters Society confirmed the anomaly for me. I was aware of all the stories and rumors that have been told over the years, but I never believed that Squire's Castle is haunted. Maybe now I the have proof to show that it most definitely is still home to Mrs. Squire!

Squire's Castle Debunked!

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Justin Vargo

I read the link you have on your site about squires castle being haunted...well that's a bunch of bull! at least the story that is posted. I am related (that's what my great grandmother told me) to the squires that built the castle. Any way the guy and his wife never lived in the castle. That is why it was never completed. She was a city dweller like the story said, and refused to spend even one night in the castle. Remember at the time it was built it would have taken a extremely long time to get from there to Cleveland (the suburbs were non-existent) so the story about her dying there are 100% false!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tall man in the cemetery

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Charlie

hello my name is charlie, i have been to the witches ball. i heard of it from my teacher, she lives right down the street from it . anyways...my mom went to myrtle hill cemetery when she was in her teens which was in the seventies and she went there with three of her friends and they planned on scaring their friends. the plan was to scare 2 girls that were in the car with them. 5 of her other friends were behind gravestones and they would pop out and scare the shit out of them. they would go to myrtle hill about every other weekend. well any way they were driving through the cemetery and there friends popped out and scared the girls. while every one was laughing my mom had saw in the corner of her eye a man that was at least seven foot tall that was dressed in very old clothes staring at them. my mom yelled at her friend and as soon as he looked the man had disappeared and it was in the back towards the workers shed and at that time the trees were about 6 feet high and the man was taller than them[ at least a foot . when my friends went there on october 25 2003 we had saw glowing in the woods[at ten at night] we freaked and ran but then we turned around and went back to admire the witches ball and nothing really had happened except the glowing and some cracking in the woods
i plan on going back there in the winter to see if the myth is true about the whole warm/cold thing and i hope that we don't see no black rose!

Another explanation?

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Toni

In concern to the witches ball.
I myself have investigated a number of unusual local occurrences, and looked most closely at this one, because it affects me most. I researched the arsenic killings, because the house of a good friend in VC of mine is where the second of the two arsenic killings took place. It was the thanksgiving killing, and its a 10 minutes walk across the street and through the woods from the cemetery. I never seen anything unusual at the house, and neither has the owner, or his family. I am not sure however that the arsenic killings and the witch are a related subject.
As for the cemetery itself? My father and some friends in an investment group recently bought the house directly across the street from the cemetery. I immediately heard the stories of the ball, and did some research. Due to the nature of the shape of the material of the ball (and others like it) it absorbs heat and light from the sun, and after particularly sunny days it radiates almost a glow, not to mention warmth. I walked over there, and I saw leaves on the grave, and scrapes in the ball from the last time it was knocked over (yes its been knocked over a few times).
I have witnessed quite a few paranormal occurrences in my time, and I have to say that the ball was not even near one. I heard from a local land owner that the so called witch was buried in a smaller private cemetery on columbia road. I have not yet investigated this, but it seems to me that the ball is a family memorial.


Wrong Witch

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Jon

I just wanted to tell you that a couple people on the website for the witches ball are either lying or do not have their facts straight. The widow who killed her family has nothing to do with the woman buried under the witches ball. Martha Wise is the murdering widow from the Legend of the Widow Wise. The name on the ball is Stoskoph. Also one girl claims to live next to the home of Martha Wise. I know this to be false because I live next to the home and there are no neighbors on the other side. Another person claimed to currently live in the home of Martha Wise. I know the individual who lives there and she is not that person.

Experience at the Witch's Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Asoulwatcher13@xxxxxx.com

I myself, live about a mile from the Witches Ball. As a visitor of Myrtle Hill Cemetery almost everyday i can tell you my experiences there. I have never seen a black rose or leaves surrounding the ball. However, I have many times layed my hands upon her grave and felt the cold or hot. My creepiest moment. A warm (and i mean warm) June day, My friend and I were walking among the dead, and freely speaking. I laid my hands upon the ball and it was freezing cold, I immediately took them off the grave and a relatively calm breeze became extreme and this is broad day light. I went back that night and saw the eerie figure coming out of the woods. I have never been afraid of "ghosts", but this time i felt scared and definitely RAN!!!

Creepy noise

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by RunLolaRun SLC Punk

Just something i thought you might like to add to your site...

i have been to the witches ball.. both during the day, and 2 different times at night, and i have a feeling, since there is no birth/death date no first name, it's a family monument... there are many people with Stoskopf as their last name, burried in that cemetary. I touched the ball, and it was warm, because of the sun.. just a comment i'd like to add... marble retains heat, so if the sun set and it's cold outside, it's still going to be a bit warm. The reason there are no leaves etc. around it, is because there are no trees near by. I haven't encountered a black flower of any sort...and the ball didn't glow.. it's a normal monument for a family during the day, but with all the stories attached to it... it is scary at night..
The only things creepy is that i was the only one up in my house the other night, after i came back, and i kept hearing static of some sort (even though all the appliances were off.. in my basement ) yet the same thing happened in my bedroom.. i was awoken by a not so faint static noise.. and the other thing is that there are no lights surrounding the grave and it looked like eyes on the grave following us as we drove past, and we know it wasn't out lights, because when we turned off the headlights, there was still a faint light, and i looked back at the ball, the lights should have been red from the tail lights...but they weren't red they were white... which could not have been possible.. it just felt like the eyes were watching me....

Medina, Ohio

A warning from the current owner

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Anna

I have been reading your stories about the witches ball and all the hype.... I just wanted to say that I am now the current owner of the house where all this supposed murdering occurred. Granted, this may have happened. But it would not be associated with the witches ball. The person who did the Murdering was a lady named Wise, who did not own the home until the 1950s, according to court records. The person buried under the witches ball is one of the original owners of the home...the Stoskopf family. And many of their relatives still reside in Valley City.
I have lived here for 8 years and haven't seen glowing walls, or bleeding ceilings, or slamming doors yet. Nor has it been turned into an office building...Geez! It just goes to show you that some people have extraordinary imaginations.
I have, however, been known to scare off teenagers who drive over here to look in my windows hoping to see a ghost, only to be met by a very unhappy ME! And they should know that they should be far more worried about the living then the dead.
We have had some "out of the ordinary" occurrences. But nothing life threatening, scary or anything to be concerned about. The house just needed someone to love it. And we do.
The reason the witches ball is cool during the hot sun of the morning is because Granite, which the ball is made of, is cooled down significantly with the cold of the evening, and it is warm at night, because it takes all day to heat it up, and stays warm most of the night. So people need to stop visiting, having rituals and most of all, need to stop knocking it off it's perch, which requires a crane to return it to it place, at an expense to the family when it happens.
Nothing magical, creepy or otherwise will happen when visiting the site. Only over active imaginations seeing things created by their own minds.
If you have any questions, I would be happy to give you answers, or perhaps find out for you. But people really do need to relax about this house. And stop peeking in my windows before someone really gets hurt!

The Witch under the Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Lindsey

Hi. People say it's a joke but my current boyfriend's brother is buried there and believe me it's no joke. As a child he was very interested in this and a friend of his family researched the name on the ball Stoskopf. It is the name of a woman who believed she was a witch. My boyfriend knew the family who rented out a house to the Stoskopf family. It was in Valley City where all this took place and the house still stands. He told me that the house was rented out to other families after the time she murdered her family but people would move out after being there a month. It was said that the basement wall would light up having something to do with the rituals she held in her back yard. He told me he will drive me by the house some day which is now a office building. The only thing he said that was different was that she killed her family with a ax. It's all scary to me because the first time me and my friends went their we got a flat tire on the way home.
-Lindsey, Brunswick Ohio

It's not the Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by REV. William R. Mayor



A Non-believer

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Matt

hey....love the site.... well i dunno all this about the witches ball..i've been there 3 times....the first was with 2 of my friends and it was around dusk.... the second time was with my friend and it was like 10 at night....the third was around 11 and i was alone.... i only touched it the first time we went..and it was warm... from the sun beating down on it all day.... of course no leaves are gonna touch it cause its not near any trees... it might rain tonight so i think i'm gonna go back ....i'll tell you if anything scary happens. oh and about helltown ...i live right by there and i've never seen/heard anything or seen any devil worshipers....but i do know the cops will hassle you if your just driving around. keep up the good work.


Eerie Occurances at the Witch's Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by KittyN219@xxxxxx.com

My friend and I have gone to the witches ball several times and we have never seen a black rose, an eerie mist surrounding it or anything special like that. The reason no leaves fall around it is because the ball is in the middle of the graveyard, nowhere near the trees. The stories about it being warm are true though. One night we went there around 2 am, way after the sun set, so it couldn't have still been warm from the sun beating on it all day, and it was really really warm especially on the bottom. Also we put a penny on the very top of it and we just left it there. About 5-6 months later, no exaggeration, we went back and the penny was still there. I don't really know what that means but its very weird because there are so many people that go there and how could it have been sitting in the exact same place that much later, with the wind and snow and kids who are always going there? It probably means nothing but it just kinda creeps us out. My mom used to go there when she was younger with all of her friends and for those who have never been there, there is two entrances to the place, one is just a little road and the other is a hill, its kinda steep. Anyway my mom and her friends went one night they choose to go up the hill and the car was in perfect shape and they had plenty of gas but half way up the hill the car stalled. They got out to investigate under the hood and they heard screeching noises and someone saw some sort of white floating object in the trees. They couldn't get the car started and they wanted to get out of there so they decided to just push the car back down the hill and get away from there when they got the car down the hill it started right up. I don't know if that was true or not, I wasn't there but those are my stories

History of the Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Shawn

I have visited the witches ball a few times since I only live a few miles from it. Nothing weird has ever happened to me but I have heard some good stories about it. One was that back in 1800's people would pass the hill the ball sits on at night and see a strange figure sitting on the hill watching people. One time a group of men actually went to see what it was and were surprised to see the figure of a man with horns on its head run down the side of the hill and disappear at the bottom. My older brothers friend lives across the street from the hill and he would often complain about weird noises at night. One night he heard a loud crash in his basement and went to investigate and found all of his family board games knocked down from a shelf. He went upstairs to answer the phone and when he returned all the games were picked up like nothing had happened. Another story probably had nothing do with it but two girls were visiting the ball one night and when they were on the way home got in a minor car accident (minor as in no one was hurt) .

Trip to the Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Jennifer

I love your website. after reading about the witch's ball, i decided to drag my friend rachel out there to investigate. we took the top off the jeep and set off from euclid around dusk. we found myrtle hill road and the cemetery with no problem (thanks to mapquest!) the cemetery is small, on a quiet country road, up on a hill. we pulled in and found the odd grave-marker right away. we left the jeep running (just in case!) and got out to investigate. i had been telling my friend the story of the witch, trying to make her nervous. she wasn't buying it. she did refuse to touch the ball, "just in case" there was a curse. the air felt electric and the hair on our arms stood up. i grabbed my camera to take a photo before the sun set. it was a new roll, only on the 3rd or 4th picture. i snapped the photo and immediately the camera jammed up! i tried to shut it off and it automatically rewound the film and spit the roll onto the ground. my friend saw what happened and we both decided to leave. when we got back to the jeep, it was full of flies (although there were no flies anywhere else in the cemetery and nothing in the jeep but a bottle of water.) the whole thing was very strange, especially since we really weren't expecting anything more than a nice drive to the country.


Curse of the Witch's Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Steve

Everybody from the Cleveland area has at one time or another heard tales and stories about the "witches ball". I myself have been there a few times. My parents used to go there when they were kids and so did my grandparents when they were kids. Through all of the generations, the story behind the mysterious ball remain the same and true. The local legend about a witch being buried at the old cemetery on Myrtle Hill Rd.is in fact true according to vague documents at the town library. If I remember correctly the only markings on her grave is her last name "Kolthoff" -or- "kothloff". There are no dates or no other wording on the eerie tomb. The few times I visited, there was always a fresh black rose resting on the grave.
The story about the witch is a long one so I will try to trim it down a bit to make less reading. More than a 150 years ago lived a quiet widowed women on Myrtle Hill Rd. nobody bothered her and she bothered nobody. After her late husband died she was thought to practicing witch craft in the barn behind her home. Many neighbor's were losing their animals such as dogs, cats, chickens etc... People were starting to get suspicious about the old woman. One late night when she was asleep some neighbors gathered up and broke into her barn to find weird marking on the wall and on a small table there were several bones of animals stacked nice and neat. One of the neighbors turned toward a fire pit in the barn to find the collar of his dog inside.
The very next night they got together again and went to the barn, this time with the witch in it. Rumor has it before they broke in they could see her from an outside window standing by the fire and she was gazing into it while the fire changed colors from red to blue to green. The people were scared and they felt threatened so they decided to take her life right then and there. They busted the door down and ran in and grabbed the old women tied her up to a pole in the barn and piled wood beneath her legs. She started to scream and chanting words they never heard before. She looked right into the eyes of all the people and told them this would not be the last time they would see her. She said she would put a curse on her grave before she passed. The barn was burnt down to the ground and the next day her remains were gathered and placed at the old cemetery on Myrtle Hill Rd. She went many years without a tomb stone until her niece who also practices witch craft provided her with one. It is a huge ball that stands about three feet off of the ground.
The curse she put on her grave is a strange and spooky one. If you go to the cemetery and place one hand on her grave and feel that it is cold, she is resting in her grave. If you touch it and is warm or hot I recommend you leave then because she is out of her grave and running!! One of the times I was there with several friends in the middle of winter we were standing near the grave when a friend and I placed our hands on the ball to find that it was extremely warm!! Second after we removed our hand you could hear loud footprints and the sound of breaking branches coming from the small woods near her grave. It was then we all took off, not waiting around to see what was going to happen next!!

True story,
Steve in Cleveland

Something in the trees behind Myrtle Hill Cemetery

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Amanda

I really enjoyed your website... The thing about the Witches Ball really got to me because I have felt how cold it is in the summer and noticed how leaves never surround it. I visited the Witches Ball one evening in the summer of 2000... We had about 3 or 4 cars of people. My friend and I decided to be brave and go for a walk alone, we had a flashlight so we where looking at everything. We walked straight behind the ball... If you keep walking there is a little cliff type thing overlooking a few houses off in the distance. But if you look straight down, or in front of you all you is trees. So my friend started shining the flash light in the trees and I swear I saw something hanging in the trees. I have never ran so fast in my life... I have not been back there since...

History of the Witch's Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Tiffany

I just came across your web site on a fluke while looking for stuff about my home town, Valley City Ohio. I have lived in "VC" for most of my life. I grew up hearing stories of the infamous witches ball at Myrtle Hill Cemetery. I read the passage about it on your web site. I have heard all of the rumors about the temperature of the ball and the leaves, etc. I myself have never experienced any of these things because I am too big of a chicken to personally investigate. A good friend of mine lives across the street from the cemetery and frequently has to call the police to remove "devil worshippers" from the site of the grave who are holding ritualistic ceremonies at the grave. There was an article a few years back in the Plain Dealer about murderous women in Ohio. One story was about the women buried at the witches ball. Her name was Stoskopf and she died in the 20's. According to the paper she was emotionally and physically abused by her husband and sons. She was made to work like their slave and the boys were allowed to beat and beride her. Eventually old lady Stoskopf got fed up and poisoned the well at the house. Her husband and sons were killed by the poison and she disposed of the bodies down the well. I believe the article said she admitted to the crime and spent her life in an asylum until her death, she was then buried at the witches ball. I lived next door to the house that the Stoskopf family was killed in my whole life. The people who resided in the house always claimed that there were evil spirits in the house and many unexplained phenomena occurring, including doors being slammed shut and things getting broken. The well where the family was dumped still stands on the property and was never used because of its history. Please see if you can locate the Plain Dealer article, it ran around Halloween 2 or 3 years ago in the Sunday paper. There was many stories about murderous women from Northeast Ohio in the story, and this was one of them.
Thanks, Tiffany

Webmaster Note: I will certainly be looking for this Plain Dealer article. If anyone can help us out - please let me know!

UPDATE! I received this blurb via email from PeterElwell@xxxxxx.com :

The article about murderous women in Northeast Ohio ran in the November 15, 1998 Plain Dealer p. 1J. The womans name who poisoned her family was actually Martha Wise.

Not-Haunted Witch's Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by RatL316snK@xxxxxx.com

Hey i just got back from visiting the witches ball that we finally found and there's really nothing else to say but that it was a real big disappointment. All this talk about the ball either being hot or cold is not true, at least not this time, because it just felt like any normal "marble ball" would feel like... normal i guess you could say. And as far as nothing falls by it, like leaves etc... it's in the middle of a cemetery with other graves around it.. which means it has a about a foot of space to itself and it didn't look amazingly clean. So i dunno.. the stories about the person who's buried there is probably true but as far as the hauntedness of it might just be another crazy story people made up.

Bad experience in Boston Township Cemetery

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Contributed by sk8er9215@xxxxxx.com

Dear Creepy Cleveland,
Me and 6 other friends recently went to Helltown on a Friday night looking for something to scare us, like most kids would do. I would say it's not a good idea to go there at night because of the high police patrols, (we got pulled over, but they let us go). We went down the end of the world and really didn't see anything but a police car, so we left and went back about 30 minutes later. It was about 1:30 and we wanted to see the cemetery. When we got there and walked up the hill, I must have saw almost 30 deer up there. It seemed kind of strange to see all of those up there that late, but it really wasn't that big. We walked through the cemetery and didn't see a bench or anything so we decided to leave. As we were walking back through Boston cemetery my friend jumped at something. He said he heard something running past him. Well, we were all together so none of us ran past him. I was kind of freaked out, but kept walking. All of a sudden I heard footsteps running around us all over. It sounded like over 10 people were running around us. We heard someone scream and we took off running. When we got back to our cars, our windows were down, so naturally we took off. As we were leaving the city, my friend in front of me called my cell phone and was talking to me and all of a sudden the phone cut out and all I could hear was people yelling on the phone in really high pitched screams. The phone just cut out and we took off. We flew out of Boston Township and got home in about 20 minutes. It probably was the strangest experience I've ever had, considering I didn't believe it at all, but I do have to say I will go back. I know there's more to it than just the cemetery.

Truck with One Headlight

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Jason

Dear Creepy Cleveland,

Ive been a fan of Creepy Cleveland for years now, i wrote to you more then two years ago about helltown, my email address then was relimnosaj@aol.com i have a few updates about helltown, or as i prefer to call it, home. I visited the old abandoned house and i got the impression that people are just over-reacting to the site. Its nothing special, i mean, its just a house. Be it, the house looks empty, when i looked through the windows i could see boxes of stuff, so i believe its being used as a storage facility now. the bus has long since gone, and now there is a motion detector on the house to ward off drunk and stoned kids from the area. But one thing that i will confirm is the one head light car, because it happend to me again since my last email. To start, when i get stressed out, i like to drive around alone, and listen to music very softly. Anyway, i was driving around one night and decided to drive down to helltown, after i got to the top of the "end of the world" i turned around and started to drive back the way i came. about a quarter mile later a car popped up right behind me. Now the thing about this section of the road is there are no streets, well not really anyways, there was nowhere for anyone to turn onto the street that i could see at least. Anyways, it was a dark night, so i think that whoever was driving behind me had turned off his headlight and then turned it on after he had caught up to me. I was pretty weirded out to say the least. But i decided to try something that others haven't. I kept driving until i reached my development like i had done before, and when i turned, the car with one headlight kept going. Now he was never chasing me, but i am almost positive he was following me, i turned around in an attempt to start following the car. But to my shock, he was turning around himself, in the road farther down the street. As i drove by the car i couldn't see anyone in it, more or less because it was to dark out, but i did get a good glance at the car. It was an older Ford pickup truck. Dark bluish i think, it also had alot of rust on the bed of the truck, and i was surprised it could drive at all. I got a sick feeling in my stomach right after that. I felt like something was wrong, and i instantly went home. anyways, that's my story. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask. But keep in mind, i do not suggest going to helltown at night, ever. Not cause its haunted, or cult members will kill you or whatever, but because of the heavy police presence at night.

Duffy House near Helltown

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Jeff R Stroup

Well I really enjoyed reading though all of the different encounters and stories about Boston Township. I live very close to that area and I have a few friends that live in Penninsula. I can't say that I have every experienced anything supernatural down there but i do know that there is satanic worship in those woods and i have heard of some sort of Penninsula secret society but nothing substantial. I have heard stories of people having there dogs disappear when left out over night. and sometimes you can see fires in the woods but those could be anything. I have seen people in dark cloaks walking down the road but that is by Virginia Kendell Park (a ways down the road). The satanic church with upside-down crosses is a normal everyday christian church. The so called upside-down crosses are just the way that the windows were built. I've never been to that old abandoned house in the woods but I do know of another old abandoned house in the woods very near by helltown. If you take Akron Penninisula road heading away from helltown and make a left on quick road you can find the Duffy House. Probably a another stupid legend but I can say that I have been in that house and I hated it. The story is that some guy killed his whole family and then hung himself in the barn. This place is weird and if anyone knows any info about it I'd love to hear it. But anyways....On the property there are two houses both boarded up, a well, an outhouse, and a barn. The property is owned by the government and there are no trespassing signs. but I had two friends that broke into the house through the basement window freaked and didnt want to go back down through the basement and kicked down the back door to get out. After they kicked down the door a few of my other friends and myself walked in. If was creepy and gave me a horrible feeling so we all left. That was about 3 years ago. We would always drive past at night just to get that scare but one time we drove past and the house was lit up. You could see light coming from behind the plywood on the windows. More recently there have been construction crews there and they have begun to rebuild the old house. I cant figure out why it sat empty for so long or who owns it now and what they plan on doing with it but if you look in the garage windows there is trash in the trash cans that must be at least 20 years old. There's a Pepsi can with the old logo and really old can style. There is still furniture and other belongings in the house also. I don't like to believe in old legends but I cant figure out why a family would just leave without taking anything with them and then why after that it would sit empty for so long. So check it out if you want to. Nothing big. I've had some other encounters there but i wont bother mentioning them. It's easy to find. Just down from Woodridge High School on quick road. Please try to find some more info for me.

Warning from a Resident

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by ReliMnosaJ604@xxxxxx.com

hi, i live in boston hts. i moved here almost 2 years ago, and havent seen anything weird as of yet. but what i do know is that cops patrol the area almost every night. im using this as a warning to those of you who want to go see it. i have been there a few times, and it is pretty cool, the church has been used for a long time as a CHRISTIAN church. i went there with a friend of mine, and it is a very nice church. i have heard stories of dead animals being hung up on trees and such, but i have yet to see that yet. to be honest, i think i was followed by a car with one headlight once. i dont remember if it was a truck or not. i was driving on the road that led to highway to hell, when i reached the dead end i put it in reverse and turned around and went back up the end of the world. i drove for about 5 mins, when a car just showed up behind me. it had one head light, and wasn't chasing me, it was just following me. it took me about 4 mins to get to my development, i turned left and the car just kept going. i was by myself so no one else can confirm it. I work at a bp in boston hts. and it is a regular stop for the boston hts cops. i wouldent say im friends with them ,but i do know some of them on a first name basis. there all friendly, but are hard asses when it comes to the law. and why shouldent they be? there cops, if there not going to uphold the law, then who is? i asked them about the whole hell town thing, and they just laughed. they told me that kids not only do drugs at the houses, but there have been a few accidents involving the "end of the world" kids who are high and drunk speed up going down the road, and hit little bump before it, and land upside down. My class did a project on helltown, and i also saw an interview with the person who lives right next to the road closed sign. he said that many kids have died in his lawn as a result. the cops didn't mention anything about the deaths, but i would think that you could die easily. thats just a warning to you guys who want to visit. its a small bump, followed by a 15-20 foot drop, if not more. DONT SPEED GOING DOWN THAT ROAD! it comes upon you all at once, and it doesn't give you much of a warning. To be honest, i dont think there is much going on in helltown. the spookie garage that was talked about in an older letter, is now renovated, and the whole area around it has turned it to quite a nice bike trail. and let me give you a little bit of advice. it you get pulled over by a cop in that area, and he asked what your doing here, tell them your LOST, ask how you get back to new route 8! it might not get you out of a ticket, but it will help you get out of trouble with the cops. it that helps any. if i missed anything, feel free to email me. im not an expert on helltown, but i do know alot about it. and i will write you back, i promise.

End of the World Road

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Stephanie

Being natives of the surrounding area, my husband and I were somewhat familiar with the urban legends surrounding Peninsula/Boston Heights, but always took it with a healthy dose of skepticism. Nonetheless, after listening to the CRUW radio show Halloween night (while transporting an injured wild animal to an emergency vet hospital), we decided to check this stuff out first hand this weekend.
So today, we ventured out to the Boston Heights Cemetery and the "End of the World" roadside house.
The results were for the most part uneventful but no less creepy. First, we traveled to the cemetery. No bench, no ghost. Actually, the cemetery was well-maintained and quite quaint. We actually spent more time there studying the various, historic headstones and family plots. It was quite interesting, though somewhat sad--for instance, the Fayreweather family who had tragically lost many young sons within a very short period of time (during the civil war, I believe).
But the cemetery wasn't creepy. Rather, it was our trip to the "end of the world."
At first, the drive up to the "road closed" point was fairly neat, with the steep dips and everything. However, when we approached the "road closed" sign and saw the narrow, deserted, leaf-covered road down below, I immediately lost my nerve and made my husband stop. We turned around and drove for a while. I later regained my nerve and we went back, about an hour before sundown. As we were driving slowing down the steep hill, we came upon a tall man who was walking in the middle of the road, who turned around. He wore light, neutral colored clothing with an off-white fishing hat. The weirdest thing about this guy was that he didn't seem phased by the fact that he was in the road and that a car was coming up upon him. He turned back and stared right at us. Even though we were looking right at him, I could not tell how old he was. He could have been in his 60's or 70's or he could have just as easily been in his late 20's early 30's--light, fair haired features with a moderately weathered look, but with no discernible expression on his face.
We past this man and continued cautiously beyond the "road closed" sign. We traveled about 40 yards and then came up to a barrier which appeared to have been there for quite some time, at least a couple of years. So much for being able to drive through. We pulled off to the side of the road (?) and decided to get out of the car and continue on foot. As we worked ourselves around the gate, I looked back and saw that man slowly walking down the hill behind us. Honestly, he could have been a local on his usual hike. My husband was not visibly concerned that he was there, so I continued without having another wuss-out fit. The road to the house on foot can be somewhat strenouse for a 30 year-old smoker, but we made it up the hill. The road was pretty worn and in disrepair. It was very quiet during our hike. So I was surprised to see this guy still keeping a steady pace behind us--it didn't occur to me later that this guy didn't make a noise, even with all the dried leaves on the road.
Anyway, we got to the top and saw the house about a hundred feet back, behind some trees on our right. To my relief, we came across a few hikers passing through on a trail, so I became less concerned that this guy was still walking behind us. Also, with some people around, I regained some courage. We walked up to the house, following a "trail" of leaves and gravel. As we came up to the front of the house, I turned around and noticed our "friend" walking past the house, continuing on down the road, albeit slowly. We walked up to the house. The door was nothing more than a board. There was no school bus, nor its shadow. We walked around to the right, down up to the basement garage door, but that's as far as we went. I felt that there may have been a vagrant or other individual inside the house and we both made the sensible decision not to trespass further. Interestingly, while the house appeared more or less abandoned, there was an air-conditioning unit in one of the upstairs rooms. We walked around the house further, and came upon the legendary "hell car"--a rusted out late 60's model which probably hasn't moved from the spot in over ten years. I find it curious that it has remained here in this state. There was a large barn/shed on the left side of the house, with tarp-covered junk in front of it. While the barn had windows, it was dark and, as with the house, we could not detect anything or anyone behind the windows. However, I couldn't get rid of this feeling we were being watched. We left, walking back down the same path/driveway. As we came upon the road again, I saw the same man up the road to our right, who had been standing there but was now walking (quietly) back down the road toward our direction. It was as if he was standing up on the road watching us the whole time. My husband noticed him, but he carried himself high, and we both walked confidently back down back the hill to our car. The man was walking behind us. While this was really starting to creep me out, we then came upon a two groups of other hikers, and so I felt relatively safe even though I couldn't hear this guy behind us but knew he was there. When we got to our car, I didn't look back. I got in the car, but then when I looked up from my seat of the car (it was faced forward, where we had just come from), I didn't see that man.
No spooks, no ghosts, no axe murderers (or their victims) but very . . .strange.

P.S.--The Boston Cemetary was nothing. There is a really eerie cemetery we had visited a year ago that's close by and worth the trip. It's located off Route 303 (heading West, toward route 8), and within the Cuyahoga Valley Parks property. It's called the Mater Dolorosa cemetery, and can be accessed off the Haskell Run trail, from the (ironically named) Happy Days visitor center. We literally stumbled upon it while hiking this trail, and we were quite surprised to see it there in the middle of park grounds. It's very old and very small, surrounded by mostly dead trees. There are maybe 20 graves. The ground is weak, lumpy and dark (even in the day time). As we were strolling, reading what we could from the more preserved headstones, both myself and my husband were struck by an overall gloomy feel while there. Perhaps it was the aesthetics. However, as we finished the trail and approached the visitor center from behind and travelled to the left, we came upon the foundation of an old structure. The park literature never mentioned it, and I have always been curious if this is linked to that god-awful cemetery we had just visited. I've researched this issue but turned up zilch. Have you or any other person heard of or know of any additional background about this area? I know I'm never going back there.

Questionable Religion in Boston Township

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
Contributed by Steve

Everybody has heard of Boston Townships hauntings and Ghosts. The scares of the "end of the world" to the frightening "school bus". If you make way to Hell Town just to see the "end of the world" let me tell you that you are in the wrong places in this town. Everybody thinks when they enter Boston Township that they are going to see ghosts of children and school bus drivers. You are all wrong. This place is cursed. This place is very much alive. This town is a place of worship,but not of God. I myself could not keep count of how many time we have seen people in brown and black robes dancing around red & blue fires deep in the woods of this town. I can remember on a Saturday night we went to the Boston Township Cemetery around 2-2:30 in the morning. there were 13 of us in 4 car loads. We were all talking about Hell town at a party and we decided to go. It was the eriest feeling I ever had. The old grave yard sits on top of a hill and fog was rolling down it. You could see lighting in the black skies. It looked like something you would see in the movies. Though it was not raining the ground was very damp. We were all laughing having a good time up there when a friend noticed there was one more person in our party. Instead of 13 of us,there was now 14 of us. I can remember him saying "HEY YOU--WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE". We all started down the hill running our asses off!!! We got to the cars and he caught up to us. To this day I don't know why we were running because there was 13 of us and only one of him. This guy was nuts. This guy had no shoes on, no shirt only a pair of shorts. He had cuts and welts all over his back and distorted tattoos all over his chest. He had some make up or dirt painted under his eyes and this is at 2:30 A.M. Our cars were parked in front of the abandoned funeral home right in front of the grave yard. There was a candle lit in a top floor window. He tried many times to get us to go up there. He said something about a cool radio he wanted us to check out. It looked as if there were two more people up there or maybe more. Then he started to mumble something about the man with the axe, that's when we decided it was time to go. We started up our cars and we noticed people in dark robes walking toward us from the field on our left. You could see camp fires lit off in the distance from where they were coming from( I still can't believe we did not see them when we first pulled in). One of them came to one of the cars while the rest stayed back in the middle of the road. He tried opening the door of one of the cars when everyone started to yell to leave. When we started to move so did the others in the middle of the road. They made a human chain thinking that we would not bust it with our cars , but we did. We drove right through them. One even flipped over one of the cars. We flew out of there as fast as we could. We took the first right turn when we noticed a truck following us with one head light. When we finally got out of the town the truck some how vanished!! It was gone!! All of us have many stories and rumors about this place. I found it odd that the are two churches in this town, one is called Mother of Sorrows and it has two upside down crosses on it and the other is called Boston Township church and it has no crosses on it period. There is a sign next to it that reads "we believe in an inspired Bible". We have been to the Church several times when they hold midnight masses once a month but did not see anything inside. The road south of the church (I can't remember the name of it) there is a house where we believe they hide out in. We were in there once in the early evening one time. The back corner of the house looks have been burnt from a fire and it smells strong of gasoline inside. There are writings and markings on the walls and blood splattered on the floors. There are many animals that lay dead out side of this house that have been gutted for some reason. Also in the barn in the back we found a Blue pick up truck that was missing one headlight and it seemed to be in working condition. Could that of been the vehicle that chases everyone out?? We don't know for sure. What I can tell you is that over the last 15 years there has been 7 dead bodies found in this town. Do you dare to go to Hell town?? I know I'll never return back. People have to understand that this place is not about ghost hunting,It's about reality. That things of this story do happen and should not be messed with. Leave this place and these peoples religion alone!!