Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chippewa Lake Documentary

Hey there Chuck i got a new video for ya its not a haunted place, its just amazing to me how much history is in this creepy amusement park.I finally got permission to go back and make the video ive been wanting to make before they tear the place down.


Chad Dennis

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Ridgecliff Psych Hospital - Confirming / Testimony

Here's an email I received in reference to the post: Questions, referring to the Ridgecliff Psychiatric Hospital

hi- my name is rich and i gotta share this with you.
an old acquaintance of mine named Todd just added to your site today because of me. I am writing you as to hold testimony to his truthful credibility.

the way this whole thing started was earlier in the week i was telling a female musician friend of mine who lives in Euclid about the nutziest / craziest Halloween party that ive ever been to in my life. I tried to tell her about where it was but i had to go on a personal scavenger hunt to find. I even called the city and the old timers couldnt place the building. they even referred me to the historical dept which supposedly actually has pictures of it so i am told. so I hunted down todd on the web. (scavenger hunt #2 as for i havent seen or talked to him since 1980~ish. ) he briefly e-mailed me the name of the place and then i found your site surfing. then after reading it i just had to pass it along to todd as f.y.i.
I am happy i did cause he added an entry to your blog . he e-mailed again briefly saying he will add more to your blog. he said some of the spook stories other than sounds was there were things/ objects that he saw physical move and said stuff got moved when he wasnt looking !
take care rich z.....

I am 49 yrs old now but this party was as mentioned ~1982~ish. I worked with Todd ~1980 at a gas station. He was a young (extremely awesome)musician. As mentioned his dad's company hired him to live and take care the abandoned Ridgecliff. He invited a few dozen of us friends to a party at this building he was living at. It was a costume Halloween party. His bed was centered in the the recreation area. He had like the worlds largest bedroom lol! Since he is a musician he also had his band set up in the rec room for this party. So for fun he turned us loose on a hide and go seek venture on the upper 2 or 3 floors. that was creepy cause the only lighting on those floors was from the parking lot lamp posts shining thru the windows. He also had a few strobe lights in the stair wells- holy smokes what a trip! I remember most of the rooms were all gutted with their hospital stuff removed. I remember the nurses stations and also the pharmacy vaults too. I remember there were a few shower type (hose down) rooms that looked like they would strap the patients down and hose(or shower) them down. Most of all i remember what i called the solitary confinement rooms. yes the proverbial rubber rooms! there was a single bed in them and the whole room was only about 2 feet wider than the bed. the walls were padded(not really rubber!) oh yes the beds were bolted to the floors. The only window in the room was in the door at the foot of the bed. It was a square 6" inches of safety glass (with wire mesh in it).Gosh you could only just imagine the horrors in that HaHa Motel! To the folx working there this was an every day thing.