Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Geneva Armory?


I cannot seem to get this question answered by anyone. My Step sister told me a story about a armory around Geneva Ohio, she said that is where they made bombs for WW2. It is now abandoned but rumor has it, it is still contaminated. Do you have any information. I cannot find anything online probably because it is Top Secret.



  1. I grew up in geneva, and aside from krzic elementary being an old weapons depot or something, i don't know of any bomb factories.


  2. There is not, and never was an armory in Geneva. After a search of Google Earth as well as Falcon View, nothing turned up. So, those rumors are completely untrue.

  3. I think she might have meant the Ravenna Arsenal which is about an hour and a half away from Geneva. But that is where ammunition was produced for WW2. It's now used as a training site for the National Guard.

  4. Yes there was an armory. It was on the corner East main and Forest Streets where the fire department is currently located. Look on the fire department website.