Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weirdest Place in Cleveland

Cool blog! Franklin Castle is downright evil.

I visited the old Masonic lodge on Franklin Blvd. As soon as I walked in chills ran down my spine. The Masons told me that all kinds of weird things go on in the building and that no one would even consider spending the night there. A local psychic told me that the building is some kind of portal to another place and she had seen multiple entities while in the building. If you're looking for something that's truly creepy then this is the place.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

MelonHeads in Kirtland, Ohio

The most common story behind these Mutant little creatures is that a Dr., Crowe to be exact, who lived on Wisner Road,In Kirtland Ohio, ran an orphanage with many children and did various experiments on there brains causing there heads to become larger in proportion to the rest of there bodies. It is said that they roam the woods at night looking for humans, they eat their flesh. The most notable description of a Melon Head is about 3/4 feet tall with a large head, glowing eyes, and sometimes said to have razor teeth. One day the children killed the Dr. as well as his staff. The mutants still roam the area on a killing spree.

Well, I've got my own veiws on this. I WENT to Wisner Road in Kirtland, to prove what was real or what was fake. My aunt drove, her friend Meggan, My brothers, and their friend came along. We got lost in the area of Mitchel's Mill and Wisner, but we kept seeing shadows in the woods and when we came along a black gate in the woods of Wisner Road, we all had that GUT feeling. The kind of feeling that tells you that you aren't about to be in a good situation. Well my brothers and their friend thought it would be cool, to make them not seem like sissys, to get out of the car. Well they walked down a little side road for a few moments, and my aunt and I got scared, so we beeped the horn several times.. and they RAN back to the car, all diving in. They claim that there was something that ran across the road. It suddenly got extremely foggy outside.Momentarily,my brother,Keith, realized he lost his phone while running back to the car. We were in NO mood, and none of us had the courage, to turn back.

-Alyssa Morrow.