Monday, October 01, 2007

Just How Weird Is Ohio?

So tonight I dragged my wife and daughter up to Fairview Park library to see James A Willis' presentation: Just How Weird Is Ohio?
If he's in your neck of the woods I highly recommend making time to check it out. James spent about 90 minutes giving a really entertaining presentation on some of Ohio's weirdest attractions, urban legends, ghosts stories and miscellaneous folklore.
At one point afterwards he opened the floor to questions and I was excited to hear questions about Gravity Hill, the Melon Heads, and Gore Orphanage. At one point someone asked where exactly Gore Orphanage is located. After a few minutes of people trying to clarify exactly where the 'allegedly haunted' part of Gore Orphanage was, I piped up and suggested that I have an online map of a bunch of haunted locations in northern Ohio and Gore Orphanage was one of them!
I certainly didn't want to take anything away from James' presentation or his excellent Ghosts of Ohio website, but I'll admit that I enjoyed pimping Creepy Cleveland a little bit and hopefully generated some new traffic for myself as well.
All in all it was a really great way to kick off October. I'm glad I stuck around afterwards to meet James and chat a little about some of our common interests. (I wish I would have brought my 'Weird US' book for him to autograph...damn.) He's an excellent presenter and a genuinely nice guy and I highly recommend attending one of his presentations (check his website for the calendar of events).
Thanks James.

P.S. I know I told a few of you to go to and you wound up here. Next week I will officially own the domain and I'll do away with the nasty redirection link. Read the whole sordid story, if you want, here.

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  1. Cool! I'll have to check out some of Willis' stuff. Thanks for the referral, Chuck... Mrs. Zombie's always busting my balls about the sheer volume of books I own, so I'll just blame you for any new ones that may show up! :)

    Later, brother...