Friday, August 31, 2007

Halloween Haunted Houses

I almost forgot.

A couple weeks ago (while pondering the Bloodview Midsummer Nightmare), I worked up a quick Google Map of area haunted houses for this upcoming Halloween season.

Every year, we pick two haunted houses (they're getting expensive!) to go to and I was trying to get a feel for where they are. Anybody interested in helping out? I think I got all the popular houses (at least the houses that were in operation last year). Do you know of any new ones? Any that I missed?

Any you really, really like?

Let me know. I wanna get scared this year.

Creepy Cleveland Area Haunted Houses

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Dead Matter

A zombie movie filmed at Mansfield Reformatory! Music by Northern Ohio's own Midnight Syndicate!


The Dead Matter Home Page

Midnight Syndicate Soundtrack

UPDATE: 10/09/2009: article about the Cleveland premier!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Witches House

I was down In hell town Hours ago, And their Moving the house!! I
asked the guy who was doing it and the Guy who originally Owned it
Some way some how. Now It stands 8 feet in the air by wooden Planks!
I started crying a bit.. i remember all the times i went down there
as a child only to have the crap scared outta me by my sister. good
old times..... I even hugged it good bye.

- Jonathan Wise

Monday, August 20, 2007

Gore Orphanage?

I just took my daughter and her friends to the Gore Orphanage "area".
I'm not exactly sure if we were at the right spot. Do you know the
specific directions of the "site"? We were definitely in the right
area, found an old well. It was night time, around 1am when we
arrived. We got lost in the woods until around 5am. We heard and seen
some strange things, unsure if it was paranormal or animals in the
woods. We were of course scared, lost and paranoid at the time. I
want to go back but back to the site of the orphanage. I just need
directions for after you cross the bridge on the road that has no
outlet. Thank you.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here's a Story (Lake Erie College)

Webmaster note: My first MySpace contribution! Coool!

First I love your myspace and your site! Very awesome.

Well here is my story. My dad used to work for Lake Erie College as the boiler man. With his job we had full access to the college after hours. We were allowed to visit and use the facilities, like the pool and gym, as long as it wasn't during normal operating hours.

I must say LEC is a very creepy place at night. I remember going to the pool at night. The pool was in the basement below the gymnasium. The ground floor or first floor also had a room, which I suspect now that it was used for the coach or some office official. Anyway in that room it had a very large painting of an old lady. When you stood in the room and walked around her eyes followed you.

In the gym you could hear footsteps and in the pool you could hear splashing and laughter.

One day my mom and my sister went into a room that was attached off of the gym that was for gym equipment. Anyway they found these steps and went up them. Then they saw a mirror and heard a girl scream. So they ran out. I wouldn't go in with them. The room was normally locked and we couldn't access, but whatever this one night we could. Well later that night they got brave and tried to go in there again and well although the door would open it was instead full of basketballs and the like - not like it was a mere hour or so before. My sister was totally freaked out.

I remember all of the stories from the cleaning people and teachers at the college. They would all say how they would hear footsteps in the hallway and knocks at their doors and no one would be there. I have also heard the story about the building with the piano in it. Beautiful piano - but people could hear it playing at night. Supposedly someone has to play better than this ladies son to stop those hauntings.

And then there is the girl who hung herself in the bell tower. But she isn't a bothersome ghostly type.

Just thought I would share some first and second hand experiences. I am getting creeped out just thinking about them.

- Jasmine

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

West Life Article on Creepy Cleveland!

I nearly missed it! The article by Charles Cassady for which I was interviewed appeared in the West Life News on July 27, 2007. I finally got my hands a copy.

Wanna read it?

Click here - Creepy Cleveland Article.

You need a PDF reader to view it. Don't have one? Get one here.

P.S. OK, OK... if you don't have a PDF reader and don't want to install one - you can also see the original .jpg scan (1.4M) by clicking here.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Franklin Castle Tour

A friend of mine, Chris, and his wife Brenda took a tour of Franklin Castle the other night. Chris took a lot of pictures and I've spent the day perusing them for any signs of anything paranormal. So far, no luck. The tour sounded like a good time anyway... I'll let him tell the story:
It was very interesting. but kinda uneventful. I used to get an uneasy feeling in my grandfathers basement and I really expected that there, but nothing. The house is in pretty bad shape, the fire caused a lot of smoke damage which is still present. It was really cool. The guy that was doing the tour I kinda expected to be all gothed-out and trying to be spooky, but he wasn't. He was very knowledgable of the history. He actually debunked a lot of the urban legend. They are putting $3 million dollars into it and they are making it a social club memberships are $5000 a person though. It's gonna be a non profit preservation society with a hundred year lease on the house from him and the woman Michelle who own it. She is the "California" lady but she actually only lived in California for a short time. She was born here and moved back here. ... I took 288 pics and there was only one questionable thing in the pics that I saw so far. I generally think that orbs are just dust, but there was a pretty bright spot on the wall on the 4th floor, and I took multiple pics of the same spot but it only shows up in pic. one funny thing is as Brenda and I were going to the third floor, we saw this black flash, we later found out it was a bat, LOL! but for a couple of minutes we weren't sure. It was pretty cool he took about 2 hours for the tour and then he let you walk around the house for as long as you want, you can go anywhere you want unsupervised. The reason that he doesn't want audio or video taken is that they are in the process of filming a documentary, and he doesn't want a ton of video of his tour going out on the net and hurting the documentary sales. They are doing it to raise money for the restoration. He seemed genuinely interested in saving the house for future generations not in hyping up the haunted part just for money.
Cool, huh? 288 pictures. Wanna see 'em? Check em out here.

- Chuck

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Story...

So a few friends and I the other night decided to go out to kirtland and go to cry baby bridge and all that nonsense. Well nothing happened as usual and my friend said that we should go to the KKK houses. I have never heard of them. The kkk houses are 2 abandoned home located on Hayes dr. right across the street from Squires castle. You pull down hayes and go all the way down until you reach a no trespassing sign. From what i have heard the two houses were used to hold any non caucaison people in and torture. When you walk up to the first house you see a bunch of cages on the side of the path that they apperantly removed from the first home and they use to hold the people in these cages. The second home is a little bit deeper in the woods, You walk through a wood doorway that is located on hayes and follow the paths until you cross a bridge and not too far is the home. I am assuming that people still party there because there was newer lawn chairs just sitting there. There was also an spperant confederate flag hanging on a flag pole but i couldnt see the flag because it was so dark. We didn't go into either of the homes because we only had cell phones for light. I am curious to see if the kkk houses are really kkk houses not just abandonded homes. It makes for a great story and another place to add to your website. If you find anything out it would be great if u could let me know the REAL story of the 'kkk' houses.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hell has frozen over

Creepy Cleveland has a MySpace Page.

I half-heartedly put up a page on MySpace a couple months back so I could see what the fuss was all about and almost immediately regretted my decision.

After a few months of spam invites and hassles I finally got a message from a person who really was interested in Creepy Cleveland. So I got off my ass and did some digging and searching in an attempt to make the place presentable.

After some tweaks and sweat and cursing, I think I've got something. Well, at least I'm not embarrassed by it anymore.

Here's to increased traffic!

P.S. Who the hell is this Tom guy?!