Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cleveland Top 10 Creepiest Legends?

I was interviewed by John and the gang at Type 3 TV last night. In honor of Halloween, I hosted a poll on the site and presented the results of the top 10 creepiest legends in northern Ohio.

While there was initially some technical difficulties, the interview lasted about 90 minutes and covered the following legends:

Gray's Armory
South Bay Bessie
Squire's Castle
Rider's Inn
Witch's Ball
Gore Orphanage
Mansfield State Reformatory
Franklin Castle

You can stream the entire show at the Type 3 TV website (it's in two parts, owing to the aformentioned technical difficulties), or you can grab my mp3 copy from here (Note: it's a 20.3M file) I want to thank John and the guys from Type 3 TV for having me on (again) and look forward to working with them in the future on some (possible) on-location haunts. Stay tuned, kids.

NOTE: It only took six years, but I finally got around to putting this interview on Youtube (with a static image of the ad for the show).  Easier than downloading (and mobile friendly!)

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  1. These places are a must visit when you're around town. It has some interesting stories.