Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anyone know anything really spooky about North Royalton?

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives
I have lived in North Royalton my whole life. Its about 20-30 min from cleveland, but thats beside the point. I was just wondering if you have heard any creepy stories, myths, or legends about North Royalton. I have checked the sight many times, but i have never seen anything. I have heard stories about my woods, and have accounts of things in the woods on Royalwood Rd. but no one can truly confirm these events because its such a small area and not to many people who really care around here. So i was curious if you have heard of anything or know anything that could help me in my search of some creepy things in town. Its a boring city, but knowing something like that might help make it just that less boring. I love the websight, and its nice to see someone as enthused about the paranormal so close to home. Thank you,
Jason J.

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  1. Here's some links

    Theres more google North royalton ghost

    Hope this helps have fun and be safe!