Friday, January 30, 2009

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Questions / Comments on Franklin Castle

Hi, nice site.. I was wondering if you know of a story of someone who waits for a streetcar in Cleveland..a ghost, somewhere on the east side...and that is all I remember of hearing of the story I read 20 years ago. Does that remotely ring a bell?

Also, I wonder why Franklin Castle, besides the politics, has not been aggressively pursued by ghost enthusiasts from all over, who may want to donate for restoration. It happened with The Christmas Story House..Superman House.. Weill, what about preserving and restoring one of the said to be most haunted houses in Ohio? Perhaps such a place would be a good museum for the neighborhood and B&B, attracting those who like this sort of thing...and something that can be a feature on A&E, or something like that.

I live in Ohio City...walk past the castle a lot... The property is maintained well in the front and side where St. Herman's is..But it is too bad the castle itself just sits there risking decay. I am surprised with how popular the ghost interest is---that no one has prompted an idea. The private social club thing is not, in my opinion, a good idea...and was a facade.

Your knowledge is appreciated!