Thursday, August 21, 2008

Geneva Haunting?

I'm watching an episode of a show on Discovery Channel called A Haunting and it's about a house that was haunted in Geneva Ohio in 1965. Apparently there was poltergeist activity and unexplained phenomena, but this show is known for overdramatics. Any info?


  1. Great work! Thank you.

    Phelps, Congratulations!!!!!!
    "08-08-08" Olympic Games!!!!!

  2. Cool blog. I've never been to Cleveland yet, but it makes me want to night.

    Jewel, a fellow ghost-story enthusiast

  3. Knowing how that show runs things, I'd say believe only half of what was said...

    I'd never heard of this one before. Guess I'm not old enough to remember the original story!!

  4. ive never heard of that episode. and i leave in geneva. where can i see it?

  5. Maybe this will help. The show talks about the experiences in Geneva Ohio, but is based from this former Geneva residents book.